Monday, October 15, 2007

Vikings vs. Bears Game 5 - Win (34-31)

The Vikings pulled one out! This was a must win for the Vikings, it is a tough year for our division since the Lions and Packers are playing good this year. We need every win we can get. The Bears are coming back from the Super Bowl so it wasn't looking good for the Vikings this year. More things against the Vikings this Sunday was history, we hadn't won in Chicago since 2000.

It was a nail biter all the way, the Vikings made it a little too much in the end. Peterson is the man! Peterson ran for 224 yards in a new Viking's single game record performance. It was only his 5th start in the NFL and he has the all time single game rushing record for the Vikings. Along with that he had 3 touchdowns and a kickoff return that got us in position to win the game. People are talking that Peterson is the best running back in the NFL right now. Good too since that is really the only thing on the offense the Vikings have.

Jackson was ok yesterday, he didn't have any interceptions and no fumbles. He had one 60+ yard touchdown pass but had a rough day otherwise. Seemed like most passes he threw were dropped, granted not all of them were great passes but at the NFL level you have to make those catches.

The Vikings defensive for most of the game wasn't too bad, a few mistakes here and there but pretty solid until the 4 minute mark in the 4th quarter. The Vikings are up by two touchdowns with 4 minutes to go in the game and the defense decides to lay down. The Bears quickly score 2 touchdowns to tie up the game making it look like we were going to overtime. Thank God that Peterson was able to run the final kick return into Bear's Territory and allow Longwell to kick a 55 yard game winning field goal. The field goal in itself was amazing, a career long 55 yarder late in his career.

Hopefully Jackson can keep improving on the passing game since defenses will be focusing more and more on Peterson. The defense needs to play all 4 quarters and hopefully Peterson can carry the team. They have some tough teams coming up.

Go Vikings!

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Monday, October 8, 2007

Rain, Rain, Keep it coming

So after less than 1 inch of rain from May until August, in Sauk Centre, of this year we are finally catching up. The Sauk Lake was low and the Sauk river was terribly low. A couple of weeks ago we got 4 inches of rain and have had a couple of other 1 inch rain events since.

We had quite a weather weekend, on Saturday it got up to 87 with a dew point of 71. That is July weather and was just plan too hot for October. We had a major transition on Sunday. Got up to 73 then dropped from there. Yesterday and overnight we got another 3 inches of rain! We got two storms, one yesterday afternoon and the other last night.

The first storm was a lot of thunder and lightning, some heavy rain but mostly a light rain. The second storm was bigger, thunder shaking the house and sheets of rain that caused flooding in the streets.

What was interesting besides the 3 inches of rain was in-between the two storms we had a power outage for about 35 mins. Not sure what this was from, was before the flooding and was way before the second storm hit. Also our power is provided by the city of Sauk Centre so it shouldn't have been affected by storms elsewhere. If I read about it in the paper and find out I will comment on this post.

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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Bush Doesn't Care About Children

So it doesn't get much lower than denying our children health care. President Bush has decided to veto a bill that would extend healthcare coverage to 4 million kids for an extra $25 billion over 5 years. This is too much money according to Bush. In the same breath he is asking for $200 Billion for part of 1 year for our war in Iraq. Good thing his war is more important than our children.

I am sorry most things Bush does I disagree with but this is over the line. I guess he has no heart and maybe no soul. I hope the Republicans and Democrats in congress can pull together on this issue and throw that veto back in his face. Congress it is time to stand up and get a backbone against Bush. If we can't help our kids what future are we going to have?

AP Article

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Smoking Survey

Well last night I got a phone call from a phone survey company. Ended up being pretty short for once. They asked one question, have I smoke part of all of a cigarette in the past week. I said no and they ended the survey. I have a feeling this survey is a anti-smoking ban survey. The ban for all work places including bars and restaurants started on Monday. Guess they are looking for ammo to try to repeal the ban next year, they have already said they will try.

I am glad we finally can say good bye to the smoke in bars and restaurants here in Minnesota.


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Monday, October 1, 2007

The Fall Switch

So it is October 1st and winter is coming fast. I took some time this weekend to do the Minnesota garage switch. I moved my lawnmower, racks, and dirt shovels to the back of the garage. I moved the snowblower, and snow shovels to the front of the garage.

I am planning on switching out the oil and firing up the snowblower this week sometime so when the snow does come I will be ready. I put some gas stabilizer in the lawn mower since it doesn't start I can't run out the gas. I need to put some gas stabilizer in my boat's gas tank too and it should be ready for winter.

Even though we may not get any snow until December I want to be prepared for it. Seemed weird pulling out the snowblower when the forecast for the next week is still in the 70s.

Bring on the snow!

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Vikings Game 4 - Lose (23-16)

Man it gets harder and harder to write about the Vikings with the season they are having. Now this weekend was pretty much what I thought it would be. I really doubted the Vikings could pull it out unless the Vikings defensive had a huge day. They didn't and the Vikings lost.

The Vikings offensive is still nowhere to be found, Holcomb did ok with Jackson still being hurt. We got Chester Taylor back and he was some help. Classic Vikings receivers, dropping balls left and right, some pretty horrible passes. The defense didn't play well again the pass which is what the Packers do.

The Vikings did have a chance to come back in the end of the 4th quarter but that chance was taken away by a terrible no call. That last interception should have been called back because of  defensive pass interference. Not saying that the Vikings would have converted on the drive but it would have been nice to let the drive play itself out.

Thankfully the Vikings have a bye next week which should give them time to get healthy again. About the only thing I hope for anymore this year is that the Vikings don't finish last in the division and even that will be tough.

Oh by the way, I am sick of hearing how wonderful Brett Favre is, we know he is a great quarterback and will be in the history books. Every other word out of the commentator's mouths doesn't have to be my God he is amazing. Shut up and call the game. Also if Favre is really that great and the only thing carrying the team what are they going to do when he retires?

On to the next game.

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