Monday, November 26, 2007

Infections, Infections, Infections

So it is almost finished finally. What started out as a nasty little cold turned into a terrible family infection. My wife, my daughter and myself all got colds which turned into a sinus infection and double eye infection for me. My wife got a sinus infection and one eye got infected, my daughter also got a sinus infection. The only one who seemed unaffected was my son until overnight he came down with a sinus infection, an ear infection and a double eye infection.

We are all still on a ton of antibiotics but things seem to be getting better. I don't know what was in the cold we got but it took all of us for a ride. What a horrible week. I actually read that there is a new type of cold spreading throughout the US this year that in known for causing upper respiratory infections. It has caused at least 10 deaths since last year. Hopefully this isn't a sign of things to come.

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Monday, November 12, 2007

Outdoor Cat Becomes Indoor

So I posted this summer about our outdoor cat that had adopted us. He hung out with us all summer and into the fall. He started to live in our garage and was clearly an abandoned cat. He was the nicest outdoor cat we had ever met. My daughter named him Flower and when we were outside he was always there.

It has started to get cold out and winter is on its way. We didn't want to leave him out in the cold over the winter so it was either we bring him to the humane society or we bring him in the house. If we brought him in he would need to be fixed and declawed but if we brought him to the humane society you don't know what would happen. We felt it was worth it to bring him in so we got him fixed and declawed last week.

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