Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New Water Heater

So even though I wasn't planning on it I had to get a new water heater. My old one wasn't heating that well, which I was just ignoring, and it decided to spring a pretty good leak in the tank. So I had to pony up some money to get a new one. I try to go green when I can, mostly to save monthly energy expenses, if it help the environment great but I want to pay less every month.

So I went with a tankless water heater instead of a regular water heater. They are about twice as expensive but they never run out of hot water, which is good because I like hot showers and tend you use all the hot water, and they are supposed to have double the life of a regular water heater. They say they should last about 20 years.

Well after getting it installed it was great, I could take a piping hot shower and my wife could take a bath right after without waiting. We did run into a problem with it though. I went to Florida for a business trip and wouldn't you know it, it breaks. I am thinking WTF I just bought this thing. Turns our the installers that put it in didn't do a very good job. They hooked it up with a 1/2" gas line instead of the recommended 3/4" gas line and there was a venting issue as well. Anyway it is working great now and I would recommend one to anyone who's family uses a lot of hot water.

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